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Paolo da Firenze
Amor, tu solo'l sai. Ballate e Madrigali

Thomas Baeté artistic direction

Olalla Alemán voice
Francesca Cassinari voice
Markéta Cukrová voice
Raffaele Giordani voice et souffleur d'orgue
Daan Verlaan voice and gothic harp
Elisabeth Seitz psalterion
Guillermo Pérez organetto and gothic organ
Thomas Baeté fiddle, gothic organ and artitic direction

A large corpus of Paoloʼs music has survived for us through the ms. fonds italien 568 held in the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris. Except for a Benedicamus and a Gaudeamus, all of his surviving works are polyphonic secular songs - madrigals and ballate - a corpus of around 60 pieces. Paolo is therefore among the Italian trecento composers who have left the largest surviving body of work - only Landini has left us more. But apart from the quantity, it is above all the exquisite quality of his music that we appreciate today.
Paoloʼs musical language is in tension between two poles: the eccentrically abstract and hypersensitive mannerism of late Gothic art, against the simple beauty and straightforward nature of the upcoming humanism of the Renaissance.
For us as contemporary performers Paoloʼs lyricism plays subtly with the balance between impression and expression, between serving and being served by the music.

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